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13 Things To Look For When Choosing A Digital Microscope
1) Screen Size
In contrast to the traditional light microscope the most crucial characteristic of a digital microscope is not its resolution. The size of the screen is the most important thing. The majority of people prefer screens between 4.3 inches to 7.1 inches, and the majority of digital microscopes are offered with this size. They are portable and can be attached to a projector for team view. There are also digital microscopes with screens as large as 17 inches. Select the size screen you need.

2) Image Quality
It is essential to select the most suitable resolution for your digital camera prior to purchasing one. Resolution is a major factor to the quality of your picture. The majority of digital microscopes feature five megapixel cameras. You can also find a 12 MP camera. If you want to record and save video opt for a 1080p camera. Based on the software it uses it is possible to also capture and save images using the digital microscope. Have a look at this great digital microscope info for recommendations.

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3) Magnification
Magnification is the second most significant feature of USB digital microscopes. The magnification of digital microscopes varies dramatically. You may find compound and stereo digital microscopes. Stereo microscopes may have a lower resolution of 400x (40x or 10x), while compound microscopes have an increased resolution that can reach 2500x. The compound microscopes, on the other hand are more detailed, up to 2500x. It is possible to select the stereomicroscope that is compound or digital depending on your needs. USB microscopes with higher magnification need a stable standing position to prevent shaking.

4) Zoom
While the microscope does have more viewing space it is still a must for every microscope. Before purchasing an electronic microscope, be sure to test its zoom features. To get the most accurate images of the object you are looking at, you should select a microscope with a higher zoom.

5) Material
While the body and material of a digital microscope are not the most important factors in making a decision however, they shouldn't be ignored. A metal body with glass lenses is the ideal option. A few low-quality microscopes can be purchased in a body made of plastic. They are not suitable for professional use. These are best for amateurs or young science enthusiasts.

6) Compatibility
Not only are there features like saving and editing images, but it is also important to ensure that your microscope is compatible with your computer. Most digital microscopes can be used using Windows or Mac. Some aren't compatible when used with iOS or Mac. Make sure the microscope you purchase functions well with your PC or laptop.

7) Software
There are a variety of software for digital USB microscopes. Some are specifically designed to capture and save videos from inside the microscope. Others can connect to a laptop for greater visual. Check the details of the software thoroughly to see what the microscope supports. The software should be able to take pictures, view them and save them. It also can be used to edit. See this updated digital microscope item for recommendations.

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8) Sensors
The most well-known sensors are CCD and the CMOS. Digital microscopes that have CMOS cameras provide clear images with high quality colors that make it easy for identification.

9) Illumination
Illumination is an essential component of any microscope. Images that are bright are only possible with digital microscopes that use the best quality illumination sources. Since LED lights are energy efficient they produce only a small amount of heat and are highly efficient. Some models include 6 or 8 lights, some may include two additional lights. The lens's control panel or computer may be used to regulate the lights.

10) Accessories
Most digital microscopes include the user's manual as well as a few slides. Some models come with the USB connector cable. Accessories depend on the company that makes them. The USB digital microscopes are suitable for children , and can be used to create slides.

11) Warranty
Microscopes usually do not come with a long warranty. In some cases, you may receive a few days to months warranty. Digital microscopes may be covered by a warranty of five years.

12) Purpose Of Use
It is crucial to keep the reason for the purchase in mind when buying the digital microscope. It is important to consider your specific requirements when choosing the right microscope. A microbiologist would prefer the highest magnification of a microscope. However, a gem analysis may prefer a larger screen LCD digital microscope. Have a look at this top rated digital microscope product for examples.

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13) Budget
We suggest that you establish the budget for your digital microscope. There are a variety of options available for USB digital microscopes, starting from the cheapest at $45 to the most expensive model at $3000. You can select from a variety of specifications to suit your needs. The extra money can get you better quality and more features. It's better to leave a bit of room when you come across something you enjoy.

In Summary
How well you understand your requirements will affect the quality of the digital microscope you buy. Once you've mastered the basics, it is so easy to pick. You can either choose an extremely small LCD, 4.3", or a 17-inch LCD. There are a variety of camera resolution options and magnifications that you can choose from. For coin and gem analysis you'll need less magnification. However, those who have a career in science, medicine and microbiology would prefer high magnification. We're sure that you'll find a great deal when you narrow your search on what you want.

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